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Gas pipe running through a field

Monitor air pollution, reduce methane emissions, gain compliance and save operational costs

Oil and gas refinery

Why choose UAV methane detection?

Reduce operational costs and increase productivity

Carrying out preemptive inspections enables your business to make accurate and quick decisions reducing the amount of product lost.


It has become increasing important for companies to engage with community and government stakeholders to ensure a reduction in emissions. We can help you gain world wide compliance certifications. You will be able to provide up to date data on inspections and repairs.


Inspections are carried out by autonomous drones with patented technology. There is no need for manual inspections until a leak has been identified. Ensuring less disruption, exposure and risk.

Environmental impact

By having a proactive inspection and repair program you are commiting to our collective world wide goal of cutting methane emissions. Enabling you to communicate these policies to community, government, investors and public stakeholders.

Providing you with the highest quality emissions data

Giving you the data you need to obtain certification, reduce product loss, improve safety and lower your methane emissions to commit to a greener future.


We partner with industry leaders EXPLICIT to bring you patented drone technology. We manage your entire UAS and provide you with a custom solution for your company.


Sulfur dioxide

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Nitrous oxide


Nitric oxide


Carbon dioxide

Cost effective, safe and secure solutions

We help lower compliance time and certification

How we help you reduce your methane emissions 

Consultancy and project management

What does a gas leak cost your company? We asses, plan and implement a monitoring and methane leak detection program. Saving you time and money. Invest now and save for a better future.

Pre-flight planning and execution

We provide end to end solutions for your business. managing safety, people and execution.

Sensor selection

High performance, light weight micro sensors. Independent lab validation according to ISO standards from our industry partner EXPLICIT.

Data anaylsis

Centralised, cloud base emissions lab. Validated methods for emissions assessment and analysis, including quality control protocols from our industry partner EXPLICIT.


Online emissions reporting to industry and authorities, including dynamic statistics from our industry partner EXPLICIT.

Compliance certifications

We work with you to help you gain certified compliance.



Using a combination of high-performance sensor drones and automated flight patterns, The UAV Co. uses EXPLICITS patented and verified methodologies to accurately isolate and quantify methane and other emissions from larger areas and complex facility structures.

  • Establishing threshold values for emissions for purposes of reduction targeting or compliance monitoring

  • Distinguising super-emitters from low-emission sources

  • Isolating source emissions from surrounding areas

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