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We give you an uninterrupted 360° view of your site

Decades of military and civilian aviation experience combined with innovative drone technology, we specialise in real time emissions, safety, security and production data

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Helping your business make better decisions with 360° data.

UAV/UAS Security

We are your eyes in the sky. Ariel surveillance and counter-UAS Systems.

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Emissions tracking and reporting

We locate, quantify and report on emissions.

Repair and maintenance reports

Reduce costs, operational down-time and personnel safety with our UAV program.


Using ANAVIA's UAV Unmanned VTOL we can provide 250 minutes of flight time with 65kg airload.

Safety Management

We monitor and protect facilities to make sure sites and personnel remain safe from security and equipment threats.

Regulatory compliance

We can provide data, reports and assistance to help you gain compliance certifications.

Long range capability (BVLOS)

We have partnered with ANAVIA to provide BVLOS capabilities.  With up to 65kg airload, 250 flight minutes and uncompromised performance and saftey we can provide solutions for the most challenging missions.


Helping you work with local communities and stakeholders

With more oversight and eyes on green house gas emissions than ever before we provide your company with UAV and emissions monitoring technology to measure, report and manage data.

We work with oil and gas, agriculture, coal and waste companies to deliver customised solutions that lower your product loss, optimise time, ensure personnel safety and reduce OPEX.  


We help you not only repair your facility but your image to the community, media, governments and investors. The UAV Co. will help you curb your greenhouse gas emissions and drive your company to an economy of net zero emissions.

Our Partners

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Are you ready to get access to 360° data enabling you to make better business, financial and security decisions

The UAV Co. is ready to work with you to find the right UAS solution for your business.

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